Go, Melissa!

This Saturday,October 12, my daughter, Melissa Landin is running her first half marathon to raise funds and awareness to help abused victims regain their smiles with the Give Back a Smile program. Please consider supporting her and donating to this great cause! You can donate at the following website: http://www.connasda.org/service/

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, it is estimated that 1.5 million people experience intimate partner violence each year. For every $200 raised, we make it possible for one survivor of domestic violence to regain his or her smile. Every dollar counts! Thank you for your consideration.

Trapping Food Between Your Teeth

If you have an area that traps food and you are not yet ready to have the dentist repair it, heed this advice. Don’t go ONE meal without pushing the food out with an interdental brush. These type areas are notorious for recurrent decay and gum abscesses. Floss will only push the food around and loosen the plaque. The interdental brush is like a snowplow pushing everything before it.