Trapping Food Between Your Teeth

If you have an area that traps food and you are not yet ready to have the dentist repair it, heed this advice. Don’t go ONE meal without pushing the food out with an interdental brush. These type areas are notorious for recurrent decay and gum abscesses. Floss will only push the food around and loosen the plaque. The interdental brush is like a snowplow pushing everything before it.

Why am I Still Getting Cavities?

Unlike diabetes where the amount of sugar that you ingest can eventually cause the disease, dental caries is influenced by the number of times a day you ingest sugar.  Every time you eat something that contains carbohydrates (almost every food) you get ten minutes of decay activity.  This can really add up.  In my office ( I use this example:  If you had ten apples and you could eat them all at once (apple sauce?) you would get ten minutes of decay activity. However, if you ate one an hour you would get one hundred minutes of decay activity.  Now I’m not saying which is better for you medically.  We know that physicians believe small, frequent meals is better than a few large ones. I’m just telling you what’s best for your teeth.  If your doctor has prescribed small, frequent meals you must recognize the danger to your teeth and act accordingly i.e. more frequent brushing and flossing, possible a fluoride rinse or tray.

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The Electric Toothbrush

Have you ever been frustrated at your dental cleaning appointment when the hygienist says he or she does not see any improvement since you started using your new Sonicare electric toothbrush?  Unfortunately, the problem is your technique, not the brush.  Assuming that you know how to angle the brush correctly (if not, go here,,  here are three tips that might help you use the technology more effectively:

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